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Ever wonder what a nude resort is like? Although clothing-optional resorts allow their guests to have a lot more freedom than the standard holiday destination, there are still rules that apply. So, if you’re curious about whether or not to take photography or if staring is rude, look no further. Here’s the complete guide to nude resort etiquette.

Clothing optional

One of the first things that you should know about clothing-optional resorts is that you don’t have to get naked. Thankfully, you have the opportunity to keep your clothes on until you feel ready to bare some skin. Feel free to ease into your new environment by rocking a cute beach-cover up or a big T-shirt. However, there are certain areas of specific nude resorts that encourage their guests to bare it all. According to Carolyn Hawkins of the American Association for Nude Recreation, “in all of our clubs, you have to be nude to get into a pool or hot tub, even if it’s clothing-optional.”

That being said, if you do decide to get naked, then another important rule of thumb for nude vacations is to sit on a towel. In fact, most nude resorts provide their guests with an excess of towels just for this reason. Pro tip? Pack your own signature towel in your beach bag. That way, your special towel won’t get lost in a sea of white cotton. You might be wondering: why is it so important to bring my own towel? “It’s for sanitary purposes,” revealed Hawkins.

However, just because a resort is clothing-optional doesn’t mean that you can’t accessorize. Most Florida resorts allow sporty shoes or strappy sandals to protect your feet from fire ants. Plus, Hawkins highlighted that “there are also little sticks and things like that on the beach.” While you’re at it, you might as well add a fun hat or pretty jewelry to stand out from the crowd.

In the nude

Nude resorts are basically your everyday vacation with a twist. But there’s a catch: photography of any kind is typically forbidden without express permission. Not only that, but several nudist resorts literally ban the use of cell phones. Nonetheless, other clothing-optional spots have provided a solution to this dilemma. Hawkins shared that “at Cypress Cove, we have a red dot policy. If someone brings a phone, we ask them to put a red dot over the camera lens. No one’s complained about it yet.”

If you’re looking to take a break from your cell phone, you’re more than welcome to pack a book instead. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that you keep your beach bag fully stocked with the essentials. Just because you’re in the nude doesn’t mean that you don’t need things like sunscreen, shades, and a cover-up. Also, don’t forget to apply SPF at all times too. You don’t want to return home from vacation with a sunburn as your souvenir.

Now: you’re definitely going to be getting hungry during your clothing-optional trip. But what do you wear to your meal? The answer is simple: nothing at all. Surprisingly, most nude resorts welcome their guests to dine in the buff as long as they bring their towels. In spite of that, it’s always wise to bring a light layer of clothing to avoid catching a chill. Even so, dinner reservations are another story. Some nudist resorts actually require their visitors to wear clothes for their evening meal. So, you should always bring a fancy dress or suit just in case.

Naked truth

We can’t emphasize this enough: staring at other guests at a nude resort is a big no-no. While it might be overwhelming to be in such a different environment, that doesn’t mean that you should make people uncomfortable. If you’re having a hard time with this rule, sunglasses are the perfect solution for first-time nudists. Before your vacation is over, you’re guaranteed to adjust the whole “clothing-optional” thing.

What if you’re a single male or female at a clothing-optional resort? If you’re planning to fly solo for your “nakation,” the naked truth is that you may have a hard time being admitted to a nude resort. Hawkins dished that “the clubs try to keep a gender balance as best they can.” Despite that, there’s still hope for you if you’re a nudist resort veteran. “If a single male or female comes to the gates, they’re asked if they have nudist experience,” Hawkins elaborated. If that’s not the case, then you might want to find a different spot for your vacation.

Also, public displays of affection are generally kept to a minimum at nudist resorts. Even though clothing-optional retreats want their guests to feel at home, they don’t want them to get too comfortable. Astonishingly, Hawkins disclosed that most resorts intentionally limit PDA for their guests, saying “the most public affection displayed would be holding hands or a quick hug when you meet friends.”

Want to know the craziest part? There’s actually a dress code to follow at most clothing-optional destinations. While you’re more than welcome to be nude, you should still dress tastefully when you do wear clothes. Some types of clothing, like tight jeans or dress, are looked down upon. Why? “That’s sex appeal, not a nude body,” Hawkins disclosed. Now that you have everything you need to know about nude resort etiquette, go out there and have a good time!